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Team RefriedMouse is driven by Innovation and Imagination across all channels of our work (…and play). We exist to invent.

We inspire online solutions to our clients through whichever medium best touches the customer throughout the lifecycle. From generating brand awareness - to enlisting brand evangelists - to driving sales.

At RefriedMouse, we perceive the power of a brand. Strong brands create preference, command a premium, attract superior talent, and create measurable value for customers and employees. Our strategies deliver the ultimate customer experience and the best in design, content and execution from our highly-acclaimed interactive solutions team. From here to eternity Team RefriedMouse specializes in delivering tailor-made solutions that produce stunning results.

What we’re not: just an interactive solutions company. Instead, we are a true business partner. We help to align strategies, business goals and needs, integrate them all into seamless online and offline strategy, solutions and programs which produce measurable results that delight clients

Website Design & Development

when form meets function.

Originality demands attention, a captivated audience is our goal. We bring together custom design and current web standards to create web platforms that are streets ahead of the rest.
Our results-oriented team works hard to get our clients the attention they deserve.
We take pride in our code, and venture to ensure your site is built in an elegant, simple and organised manner. Our process is always centred on the user, and we are devoted to creating positive experiences that have visitors find easy to navigate and interesting to revisit.
From pre-design research all the way through to development, we place an emphasis on craftsmanship. To produce an unrivalled quality of work, our web design team works side-by-side with our development team. We believe that close collaboration is the key to a coherent and successful brand identity.

Content Management System

You In Control

To keep pace in the Web 2.0 internet marketing environment, you need the ability to control and adjust the way your customers see and interact with your site. RefriedMouse’s delivery of content management based systems give you unprecedented in-house function and flexibility to control nearly every facet of your website without the staggering price point you're used to seeing for other premium content management systems.

Open Source CMS Development - Using a customized open source content management system to power your website can significantly reduce your development costs. With over 50 designers and developers in-house, RefriedMousecan provide you with the most talented coding teams in the world. We have teams specializing in open source content management development for Drupal, Joomla, CMSMS, and WordPress. We house industry leading coders and programmers who specialize in SQL, SQL Server, ASP.net, Flash, PHP and JavaScript.

Flexible Content Management - Our robust content management systems allow you to do more than control the words and photos of your site. With the versatility of a CMS from Quantum Coders, you have the flexibility to control the look, feel and function of your site. We even embed the ability to control page titles, Meta tags and other important SEO tools into your CMS.


It's Not a Rocket Science, We Sell Stuff

Our focus at RefriedMouse is to help you make your business grow using the latest technologies involved in eCommerce and web solutions.

Our team of professional designers, web developers and internet marketers has the expertise in developing customized business applications that empower businesses with functional, flexible and cost-effective solutions that will help bring in excellent growth prospects to your company.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Catch up. or catcha never.

Refriedmouse has specialist digital marketers, with a focus on services such as online marketing, search engine optimization, social media advertising and search engine marketing. With expert knowledge on a variety of marketing strategies we thrive on building strong client relationships.

We aim to work not just for, but with our clients, spotting opportunities, diagnosing weaknesses and delivering online marketing solutions to realise the long-term potential of their business.

Corporate Presentations

Beyond Point and Click

RefriedMouse has a team that designs corporate flash presentations for its clients and tries to capture the thought, look and feel of their business in the best possible way. We strive to create user friendly layouts so that our flash presentations don’t just look good but also enhance interactivity and convey the message.

Our flash presentation services include flash CD presentations, interactive flash presentations, corporate flash presentations, animated flash presentations, sales presentations in flash and learning and development presentations. All our flash presentations are optimized both for Web and CD-ROM. The best Flash presentations we create enable us to combine text, audio, video, still images and narration to give a totally world class and interactive experience.

Mobile Application Development

crazy lil thing called surf.

We make intuitive interfaces for devices both big and small.

Refriedmouse is an interactive solutions company based in New Delhi specialising in beautiful, bespoke mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android & sometimes Windows Phone 7 platforms.

We specialise in developing custom mobile applications and has been the preferred outsourcing partner of clients across the globe. Our Android and iPhone web app development service is renowned for its customer focused approach that delivers result oriented solutions.

Our Social apps enable virtually every business to activate a powerful social media marketing plan. With apps that power coupons, promotions, and special fan only offers we give you the tools to make the most of your marketing efforts.


We do all things creative and awesome within social media. Whether it’s a Facebook app, YouTube video campaign, or a full social media brand strategy. We love wrestling with ideas, whittling them into shape, polishing them to perfection, and sending them out into the social world. We’ve developed our own unique philosophy to how we approach social media. This is designed to ensure we have a full view of your needs and that these are incorporated into your social media strategy.

It’s our calling to redefine the ways brands connect with people, and to ignite moments of meaning. We expect everything we do to be ingenious, insight-led, and polished to perfection. No matter what channel, media or technology we use, we create work that inspires.

Social Media Creative Campaigns

Ideas brought to life and executed through social media. At Refriedmouse we love nothing better than seeing the most creative and challenging ideas launched through social media! Our creative team is always up for the challenge, taking ideas to the next level and optimising them for social media. If you’re looking for something awesome, then let’s talk!

Social Media Advertising

Advertising is a sure-fire solution to cut through the masses of information that are on the Internet, getting the right content in front of the right people, making the market aware of your services and products. We specialise in developing social media content for the purpose of communication, taking into account not just the message you want people to see but also the context of how people will consume your content. With this knowledge we build social media content optimised for awareness and also create campaign support that is unique to each channel.

Video Production

Visual media captures attention, imaginations and emotions; connect with your market using video production to tell your brand’s story. Our creative team produces eye-catching motion graphics, innovative video production, and engaging voice overs. We cover a complete range of video genres from ads, campaigns, product demos, business profiles, case studies, corporate events. There really are no limits to showcasing a brand on film – capture your brand’s story and make your audience sit up and take notice.

Social Media Content Production

Content is the foundation to all good social media. At Refriedmouse we can work with your team to develop and manage the social media content for your channels. We will develop content that is optimised for social media and designed to resonate with your unique community. Content that is designed to inspire people to engage with it and not to interrupt them.

Reputation Management

It is vital that your online communications look as good as possible beyond your outbound promotions. We can assist you in controlling your online reputation, curating content and polishing your existing footprint to ensure you and your brand look as good as they should!

Our Team

pied pipers and their wok

Team RefriedMouse is a bunch of varied strong minded, hot headed, garlic loving folks with bad breath and a resolve to free the world of the mundane common computer mouse(sic). We endeavour to make the computer 'a fun thing' which everyone looks forward to using across geographical and mental boundaries. Be it complex applications or surfing the internet we bring pleasing, easy designs and creative interactivity for our users. So, in the leadership team you'll find people with different set of skills like creative artists, social media champs, technology geeks, alogrithm creators, mind readers, soothesayers, cola drinkers, smart joes and even some who are just lost (in thought)...



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